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Women in the World of Work

Roundtable series on May 24

MPP Levac along with the Honourable Kevin Flynn, Minister of Labour, will host a roundtable discussion entitled “Women in the World of Work.” This roundtable will focus on addressing the gender wage gap and smashing the glass ceiling. The discussion will take place on May 24,2017 from 2-4 P.M in the Read Lounge (CB100) of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Carnegie Building. 

Minister Flynn has been tasked with leading Ontario’s Gender Wage Gap Working Group. The roundtable will be an open forum to discuss what working women want and need. The impetus for this roundtable session came from the annual Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Brantford on February 24, 2017. At this breakfast, many women expressed the need to create change in our community on this issue. The session will continue this discussion by tackling the continuing obstacles for working women, such as pay equity and fair treatment.

As an active proponent of women’s rights and equality, MPP Levac knows that women make up an integral part of our economy and society, but on average still do not earn as much as men. He is committed to improving the working lives and conditions for Brant’s women, and will continue to build on steps others have taken to help close the gender wage gap.

The seating is limited to 35 participants. If you are interested in attending, please contact Chayce at (519) 759-0361.

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